My Make Up Must Haves…

Confession: I’ve had a love affair with make up since I was a little girl.  Make up and nail polish, to be exact.  My mother refused to let me wear nail polish until I was in my early teens, but I had free rein to play with her make up.  It seems that history is repeating itself.  I am now a mother to two girls (ages 6 & 4) and am doing to them what my oh-so-wise mother did to me. (No nail polish yet. Besides, all those chemicals sit in our bodies and have been linked to fertility problems later on.)  Anyway, one of my favorite stores is Sephora.  I love the fact that you can get a sample made for you from just about any cream type product or fragrance.  A couple of days ago I was spraying  perfume on a test strip and the customer associate offered to make a tester of the scent for me.  I watched as she took out a plastic vial, sprayed the perfume in it, and put a pump top on.  I was able to test out the perfume for a few days to decide if I really liked it enough to buy it.  Anyway, with all that said, here are a few of my favorite new products.  They’ve been out for a little while, but are worth checking.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: I like this primer. A lot.  I’ve been sleeping on the benefits of using an eye primer for a while now. Mainly because I used one years ago that really did not work.  Eyelids do not have oil glands and yet my eyelids are always a little greasy.  Probably because when I moisturize my face, I do all of it.  This stuff blends easily and creates the perfect canvas for your eyeshadow to pop (colour wise) and stay put.  I mainly use this primer sans eye shadow just to give my lid a matte look that lasts all day. This way, I look natural, but not greasy.  I recommend this over the Urban Decay’s eyeshadow Primer Potion any day.

Imju Fiberwig Mascara: Leave it to the Japanese to engineer something as ingenious as this!  Day after day I would stare at the ad on the train for this mascara.  Many a time I heard some man ask his girlfriend, “What are Panda eyes?” because of it.  Until something better comes out, I will gladly put my money down for this mascara.  I have the shortest, sparsest eyelashes of anyone I personally know.  I’ve tried every type of mascara to build on the little that I have.  The first time I used Fiberwig, I could literally see the product building on my lash to extend it.  I did one eye and then let my husband (who could care less) check out how amazing it is.  There is definitely a trick to using this product because it is like a paint on extension.  You can’t slap Fiberwig on like regular mascara because it will cause your eyelashes to touch your brow bone, causing you to look ridiculous.  I was told to hold the wand pointing almost vertical, but with a slight slant (think acute angle), and only do the tips of the lashes.  This advice worked. Oh yeah, and as promised, you can rub your eyes and no smudging. No panda eyes. AND,  it comes off very easily.  I use this product by itself on regular days, and I use it after using a mascara when I want to really play up my eyes. Love, love, love this.

Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color: I can’t remember how I discovered this nifty little gel.  I like a little colour on the cheeks.  Nothing too strong or garish.  Usually when I hear that something is “intuitive” (especially with a beauty product), I tend to disregard it.  This is mainly because darker skin tones tend to be left out when it comes to the formulation of products that are supposed to ‘know’ what to do.  I was pleasantly surprised with this blush (that’s really what it is).  It is a light, clear gel that amazingly becomes the perfect shade of rose (based on your skin tone) once you apply it.  If you like the idea of blush, but hate having to pick one out, this is the product for you.  It’s hard to goof O-Glow up since the only way you could really do that is by using too much of the gel.  There is also an O-Gloss that Smashbox sells.  It’s not as remarkable as the O-Glow, truth be told.  I like it well enough, mainly because it feels very good (and non-sticky) on the lip, but it doesn’t impress me the way that the O-Glow does.

Well, there you have it.  A review on a few of the products I’m using and loving.  If you know of a great make up or beauty product, please share!