Beauty for what it is.

michelle1 Michelle Obama has an official picture.  Every one has an opinion on it.  I figure Michelle is a great subject to write on for a couple of reasons: 1) My six-year-old chose our first lady as the subject for her project.  While helping my little one write her report, I realized the impact that Mrs. Obama already has on black women old, young and in between.  2) I happen to think that Michelle is a remarkable person.  That doesn’t mean she isn’t human and can’t make mistakes, but she has gone where none of us have gone before.

I think Michelle is beautiful.  I don’t mean beautiful in the movie starlet, traffic stopping sense.  This doesn’t mean that she’s unattractive and I’m just referring to ‘inner beauty’.  I look at her and think that she is definitely an attractive woman, and what I love about her is that she’s a real woman.  She doesn’t look that much different than you or me.  But what makes her so appealing is more than her looks.  This is a woman with a brain, good values and a strong opinion.  I think that many view that combination differently: some admire her for it, some are afraid of her and look at her with contempt.  Me? I think that makes her not only beautiful as a person, but damn sexy too.  I think this because it is so obvious that her husband sees this in her, and loves her because of it.  She’s not just a pretty face- she’s strong, and intelligent.  My daughter looks at Michelle and loves the fact that she is a lawyer, and that she didn’t listen to the advisors who told her not to apply to Princeton and Harvard.  She likes that Michelle looks so ‘stylish’, but that she has also been very helpful to her community.  Don’t think that children are oblivious to the finer points of what we adults are about.  They catch on to soooo much more than they are often willing to admit.

Back to the offical picture.  I have to say my piece on this.  I don’t understand how America can be so hypocritical and not even realize it.  Nudity in all its forms and suggestions is used in every way imaginable in this country.  Television, magazines, just about every type of ad or music video has it.  We, on a whole, think it’s ridiculous, the way that Muslim women cover themselves for modesty sake.  So, why is a photograph of Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress such a big deal?  I could understand if the dress was inappropriate, but it isn’t.  She looks sophisticated and modern. She looks like a first lady for 2009 as opposed to 1909.  One would think people had never seen bare arms in public before!  I think those who criticize need to take a good look in the mirror and find the beauty in themselves instead of engaging in nonsense.