It’s Official: I am a Curl Junkie.

First and foremost, I have to apologize for my failure to upkeep this blog.  My plate has been full, very full, and in order to live somewhat of a balanced life, time and priorities must be taken into account.  I put the blog on the back burner because of this reason.  Now that I’ve addressed that, on to my mini-review!

Lately, I’ve been cruising the hair boards, blogs and vlogs, much to my own detriment (money wise).  My hair is doing great but I noticed that there were two pieces missing from the puzzle: I really, really long for curls that are bouncy, silky, full of body and low on frizz.  I can achieve it using Qhemet, but it’s not easy, nor do the results last.  QB products nourish and condition my hair (and strengthen it, too) but I’ve realized that I need actual styling products.

Well, I found out about Curl Junkie.  I watched review, after review, and I came away impressed.  I also felt a feeling that I recognized.  It was the feeling of certainty that I felt when I had made my first QB purchase.  Some where in my bones I knew this stuff was going to work for me.  I went to the website and read recommendations, but ultimately ordered the products from a different online retailer because the shipping was better.

What I ordered: I ordered the Curl Assurance Smoothing Gellie, Aloe Fix Hair Styling Gel, and Curls in a Bottle.

Curl Assurance Smoothing Gellie: I bought this because it seemed suited for my hair type, which appears to defy the hair chart cause it’s a thorough blend of 3 -4 a,b & c, thanks to my many ancestors.  It looks like a cream (or think jelly) and smells delightful.  I used it on damp hair and scrunched and it held well. Tamed the frizz just fine.  I really like this Gellie because it is kinda lightweight, but does it’s job.

Aloe Fix Hair Styling Gel: This gel will have to get its own spotlight because I really haven’t used it properly.  I used it once to smooth my hair down for my ponytail.  It worked like a charm. No build up, flakes or frizzies.  It smells good and it non-drying.  I have high hopes for this baby.

Curls in a Bottle: I wasn’t going to buy this product.  I’m glad that I did.  I’ve used curls in a bottle a few times since I got it last week.  It is very lightweight.  I can’t use this by itself.  It helps make curls pop, which is a good starting point, I think.  Two nights ago, I washed my hair and after putting my Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm in, I added the Curls in a Bottle.  My hair was still damp and my curls really developed with it in.  I decided to do bantu knots, so I combed through and added the Smoothing Gellie.  The next day I undid my twists and separated them.  They looked amazing.  I had no frizz and my hair was soft while the curl held.  It held through a romp with the hubby in the afternoon and through 26 degree weather (Celsius, cause I’m Canadian).  It held.  It wasn’t hard or tacky at all.  I’ve found my styling winners.

I also have to add that the CIAB and CASG work wonderfully in my littlest one’s hair.  Hair hair is a wild, silky, curly riot.  With these two products, her curls stay defined and frizz free without drying or damaging her hair. It’s exciting for me to see her hairstyle last and not end up the big, puff-ball it usually is at the end of the day.

I really like Curl Junkie so far and recommend visiting the website.