Curls with Ease

So! I was browsing several days ago and came across this hair towel that intrigued me. I guess I’m a little slow when it comes to new hair products because I basically like to keep my line up simple. Anyway, the Curl-Ease towel is touted as being the “the only towel for girls with curls.” (catchy like a nursery rhyme, right?) I am a serial review reader. I love the Internet particularly for this reason. Imagine my delight when Afrobella had some info available on the curl-ease towel! I decided to buy the towel using my Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon to help out, figuring that if it didn’t work for me, I could use it on my daughter’s hair.
I love this towel. I’ve used it twice so far. Yesterday, I washed my hair and did the whole curl primer found on Tightly Curly (see blogroll for the link). Side note: I think Teri is on to something with her technique, at least, it works for my unruly tresses. My curls have never looked so great. I’m loving the attention and compliments they attract. (lol) Back to the towel. I did the turban thing that most of us ladies do, and left it wrapped for about 20 minutes. When I unwrapped, my hair was damp and my curls were beautifully defined. I think that next time I wash my hair I’ll leave it wrapped for an extra 15 minutes just to have it a little less damp. Today, I used the towel again as I was getting ready for work. I used a spritz bottle with water to moisten my hair, and added a little conditioner. Than I wrapped my hair in the towel for about 5 minutes. My hair was barely damp, but when I removed the towel, like magic, my curls had bounced back and were quite lovely to look at. I really want to experiment with this product some more, but so far I am very pleased. When I was getting the towel, BB&B had a few other choices (one was microfiber). There are those who swear by them, but I could just see curl-easemy hair being a fuzzy, frizzy mess with that, so I stuck with the curl-ease towel. It’s cotton, thin like cheese cloth, and nothing special to look at. I’m happy.