Lovin’ the skin I’m in!








My life has changed since my last post.  Not because I am now officially out of my twenties, but because my skin looks AMAZING.  Last week was my anniversary (and my birthday),  so my husband went about the motions of trying to get me something I would really enjoy.  He took me into Sephora, walked through the aisles as though he’d been there a thousand times before and knew where he was going…then, he stopped.  “This is your gift,” he said, and pointed to a package.  My gift was a Clarisonic skincare brush.  Honestly, I’d never even heard of it before.  He thought I’d really like it, and added that he’d done some research and the reviews and info he came across were favorable.  All I could say was, “we can’t afford this.”  But he insisted it was fine, and that he wanted to get it for me.  The man put all of this thought and effort into my gift, so I wasn’t about to say no.  I was touched, more by the sentiment than the gift, truth be told.

In my post about African Black Soap, I mentioned how challenging my skin can be.  Must stress yet again: Black Soap is awesome.  Anyway, that night I used my Clarisonic with my black soap, and thought, hmm…my face doesn’t feel any different.  I realize that many things do not work overnight, and I was forewarned to use the gizmo for a month before seeing any true results.  I’ve used it everyday, twice a day so far, and on the weekend I noticed that not only is my skin as smooth as a newborn’s bottom,  it looks GREAT.  I’m glowing, and people have noticed.  Clarisonic is a sonic skincare brush that gently removes the dirt and makeup trapped in the pores and fine lines of your skin.  The model I have also comes with a body brush (spot treatment- ie. elbows) which I have not yet tried.  There are different types of brushes depending on what type of skin you have.  I chose the sensitive brush head.  A sample of skin cleansers is also included, although, I would rather stick to what I know works for me.  The Clarisonic is completely waterproof (except for the charger), so it should be great for the shower.  This device is incredibly gentle, so much so that I didn’t think it was really doing much; however, the results are beyond anything I could have imagined.  I’m so used to trying things and seeing mediocre results, so this was something that came as a surprise.  The cost is steep (approx. $225), but it is so worth it.  A facial costs close to ($100) at the place I visit (roughly once a year), so I consider the Clarisonic a pretty good deal.  I received mine with the assurance that if it didn’t work for me, I could return it and hubby would get a refund.  I didn’t see what there was to lose.  It is now a part of my routine and I can’t imagine going back to cleansing without it.