The Manly Palette

The Manly 120 Palette. I finally broke down and bought one.

Anyone who frequents YouTube make up tutorials or reviews knows exactly what I’m talking about. For those who don’t, basically, it is a make up palette consisting of 120 dime sized pots of eye shadow. I’ve had mine for about a month, and haven’t really used it much yet (minimal make up in this heat is my philosophy), but I have experimented enough to know that I like it. A lot.

I purchased my palette from Ebay (where else?!) and for about $25, I had a pristine product in my hands quickly. The prices vary on Ebay, as is usually the case, but I went with a top seller who offered free shipping and had great reviews.

The palette features just about every colour you can think of. I get the same excited feeling looking at it, as I used to get when I’d open a giant box of new Crayolas. The possibilities are endless. There are shimmer and matte varieties and although the quality of the shadow isn’t as good as MAC, it isn’t bad either. To me, it’s a no-brainer because even if I were to buy a drug store brand of eyeshadow, it’s going to cost about $9 for something like a pot of L’oreal HIP.
I really don’t mind mixing some of the expensive stuff (ie. a couple of MAC of eye shadows and brushes) with some of the inexpensive (ie. this palette and some E.L.F brushes that run $1-$3 and work as good as the $20-$30 MAC ones). As long as a product performs well, I’m happy.