This Little Piggy…

I am blessed with two very ‘girly’ little girls.  The love to play dolls, dress up, and both share a preoccupation with all things beauty.  During the last year, they have requested lip gloss over their lip balm, added a spritz of perfume to their morning routine, and  begged to wear nail polish.  My mom didn’t allow me to wear polish until I was thirteen, and even then it was the ‘clear with glitter’ kind.  History does repeat itself, and although I answered ‘no’ every time my girls asked, my mind flashed back to wanting some colour on my nails and using marker in a desperate attempt to get my way.  Recently, I was reading a blog (I can’t remember the name of it, sorry) and discovered something called “Piggy Paint”   What is Piggy Paint?  It is the invention of a mother who realized that nail polish is not a child friendly product.  She  made her own kid-friendly version and now markets it under the catchy moniker.  I visited the website, liked what I read, and ended up purchasing the Cotton Candy gift pack.  This evening I painted my little one’s nail in Clouds of Candy, a pastel blue polish, while my eldest chose Angel Kisses, a fun pink.  The polish went on easily, dried fast and looks great so far.  Every one seems to be a happy camper: the girls have pretty, polished nails and I don’t have to worry and wonder if the product is going to harm them.


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